Blanca Guasch

Co-design Area Manager

Contact with Blanca Guasch:

Blanca Guasch

Co-design Area Manager

Blanca Guasch Balcells is our co-design manager at Science For Change, where she applies participatory design methodologies to citizen science, scientific communication nad science to policy projects. She has been involved in citizen participation activities in science for years, and uses creative thinking as her main work tool.

Blanca is an industrial design engineer from Elisava, specializing in product engineering. She won the “Ei!” for the best academic record and that allowed her to study the Master’s Degree in Design and Communication at Elisava, with a specialty in art direction. In 2020 she obtained her PhD in Scientific Communication at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). In recent years, she has worked as a product designer, graphic designer, materials specialist, and communicator. She has also been the author of educational resources, a university professor and head of the Materials area of the university.

At Science for Change, thanks to her creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge, Blanca applies co-creation, co-design and design thinking methodologies to all the company’s projects in a transversal way. In this way, it makes it easier for the scientific community to open up to listening to the different voices involved in the same problem, in order to face all kinds of challenges.

As manager of the co-design area, Blanca also carries out more strategic tasks and provides, training in different area. Passionate about knowledge transfer and multidisciplinarity, she promotes work and debate environments in which everyone feels welcome, and where empathy allows for very interesting conversations that facilitate problem-solving.

Contact with Blanca Guasch:

Publications in which he has participated Blanca Guasch.

NEWSERA Blueprint for CitSciComm with and for industry and SMEs

Rosa Arias, Blanca Guasch, Joana Magalhães,

08/10/2023 - - Deliverable

Deliverable 3.7 Citizen Science as a communication tool in the Post-Factual Era

Joana Magalhães, Blanca Guasch, Rosa Arias,

06/10/2023 - addressing ethics, misinformation, - Deliverable

NEWSERA Blueprint for CitSciComm with and for policymakers

Joana Magalhães, Rosa Arias, Blanca Guasch,

06/10/2023 - - Deliverable

Cos4Cloud: Sustainability of Citizen Science Platforms

Blanca Guasch, Rosa Arias,

05/10/2023 - co-design, citizen science, technology, software development, - Folleto


Awards and recognitions for his work.

Premio a Mejor Poster en la Engaging Citizen Science Conference at Aarhus University - 2022

“Defining Citizen Science Communication Strategies Adressed to Engage Citizens - NEWSERA Lab”

Miembro del grupo de trabajo “Storytelling and other arts” de la Asociación Europea de Ciencia Ciudadana (ECSA) - 2021 - actualidad

Beca “Ayuda para contratos Torres Quevedo PTQ2020-011264” 2021-2024

Dedicada a doctores que trabajen en empresa privada y financiada por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación: MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 y por la Unión Europea NextGenerationEU/PRTR

Premio “5th BCN Science Slam” - 2019

Ganadora del concurso de comunicación científica donde científicos de distintos ámbitos explican sus proyectos de investigación en charlas atractivas, claras y divertidas de 5 minutos

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