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The PerCientEx project is the meeting point for the community committed to good practices in Spanish science journalism. It aims to foster critical thinking and quality in science, technology, health and environmental journalism in Spain and Latin America.

Project challenge

The PerCientEx project aims to put the spotlight on the half-full glass in science journalism. At a time of misinformation and media crisis, this initiative aims to make outstanding quality science visible. We are driven by the evidence that good science journalism is the best vaccine against disinformation and a fundamental tool for democracy.


The project will:

Visibilise high quality work and its authors.
Inspire and train new generations of journalists
Encourage critical thinking among readers
Create a community committed to quality
Strengthen Ibero-American connections
To investigate excellence in science journalism
Raise the quality standards of the journalism sector

Science for Change coordinates the project and is responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of the co-creation sessions between the different types of actors.


PerCientEx has an up-to-date database of quality journalistic articles. In addition, it has a participatory process in which participants identify unique features in articles and redefine a set of criteria for good practice in excellent science journalism. The project also holds an annual event at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona with the most outstanding articles from the last edition.

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