Rosa Arias

CEO and Founder

Contact with Rosa Arias:

Rosa Arias

CEO and Founder

Rosa Arias is the founder of ScienceforChange and the creator of the OdourCollect app. She is a chemical engineer and has a master’s degree in Energy. Rosa she has more than 15 years of experience working in European projects, among others, she has coordinated the D-NOSES and NEWSERA projects, and will coordinate the future European competence center in science communication.

Passionate about citizen science, responsible and collaborative research and the role of women in science, she coordinated the Spanish centre of the HYPATIA project to attract girls towards STEM careers. AT Science for Change, she wants to bring science closer to society and inform better public policies where citizens participate.

Rosa is also an adviser to “Science in Parliament”, an independent citizen initiative whose objective is that science and scientific knowledge are one of the sources of information in the formulation of political proposals. In addition, she is a member of the board of directors of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) and has received several recognitions and distinctions. During 2022 she has been selected as one of the “Top 100 European women in social companies” by the EuclidNetwork network and has received the eWoman Equality awards from El Periodico and the “A Self-Employed Professional Woman” award from Caixabank.

Contact with Rosa Arias:

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NEWSERA Blueprint for CitSciComm with and for industry and SMEs

Rosa Arias, Blanca Guasch, Joana Magalhães,

08/10/2023 - - Deliverable

NEWSERA Policy Brief 2

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06/10/2023 - - Policy brief

Deliverable 3.7 Citizen Science as a communication tool in the Post-Factual Era

Joana Magalhães, Blanca Guasch, Rosa Arias,

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Awards and recognitions for his work.

eWoman Equality Award - 2022

It is awarded to women who have a firm commitment to effective equality between women and men in the professional, business and academic fields.

CaixaBank Woman Award - 2022

Award that recognizes the professional excellence of self-employed workers, awarded by CaixaBank

Euclid Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise Award – 2022

Recognition granted by the European Network of Social Enterprises to recognize and celebrate their work and impact for a more socially inclusive and environmentally friendly world.

Pla donates ICT subsidy - 2021

Subsidy awarded to technology-based companies run by women 2021. The initiative of the Generalitat of Catalonia is part of the DonaTIC Plan, which promotes the empowerment of women and female leadership in the information technology sector in Catalonia.

Member of the Board of Directors of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) - 2020 - present

Member of the Citizen Science and Nature commission (Generalitat de Catalunya) - 2020 - present

Member of the Spanish initiative “Science in Parliament” - 2018 - present

Create an office that provides scientific evidence for the formulation of political proposals.

Best Poster Award - “From Science Communication to Engagement in Citizen Science” category - 2022

Engaging Citizen Science Conference at Aarhus University, Denmark

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