COALESCE, Coordinated Opportunities for Advanced Leadership and Engagement in Science Communication in Europe




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13 partners in 8 countries



COALESCE consolidates, further develops, and mainstreams generated knowledge and connections on science communication to build up the European Competence Centre for Science Communication.

COALESCE ensures the effectiveness of best practices for science communication build on already existing forms of excellence in science communication, public engagement, and co-creation practices developed from the joint efforts of the coordinators of all previous Horizon 2020 SwafS-19 sister projects (NEWSERA – coordinated by SfC -, TRESCA, RETHINK, GLOBALSCAPE, CONCISE, ENJOI – SfC is partner -, PARCOS and QUEST) and other key partners.

COALESCE will further demonstrate the means for rapid mobilization of science communication in times of crisis ensuring the effectiveness of and best practices for science communication through a collaborative effort.
Project objectives will pivot on co-creation and co-design building on cooperative relationships with multiple stakeholders including scientific and journalist networks, university alliances and multi-levels hubs.

The consortium represents several key features to make it well positioned: 1. Integrates universities and higher education providers with SMEs; 2. Connects participatory engagement methodologies and journalism practices with new channels for scicomm; 3. Participates with agendas of national scientific bodies; and 4. It is supported by existing scicomm reference and university alliance networks.

Project challenge

There has never been a more significant moment to ensure the effectiveness of and best practices for science communication. Responses to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the climate emergency, misinformation in and about science and more, show a world that – despite ever-increasing verifiable knowledge and its access – remains at such a distance from scientific practice and understanding. This is undermining policy responses and amplifying distrust and concern among citizens.

In order to decrease the distance between science and society, COALESCE project will build upon the legacy of the Horizon 2020 SwafS-19 projects and others, to develop, consolidate and mainstream generated knowledge and connections on science communication to establish the European Competence Centre for Science Communication.


The European Competence Centre for Science Communication will operate through a centralized virtual platform based on an interdisciplinary approach, pivoting on co-creation and co-design methodologies, building on cooperative relationships with quadruple helix stakeholders, academic scientists, science communication professionals, generalist and science journalists networks, as well as university alliances.

Supporting all of this will be an accessible library of critical resources, toolkits, handbooks and training opportunities to R&I actors across the ERA, through the COALESCE SciComm Academy.

To achieve a sustainable strategy and long-term impact of the Center, the project will operate with international, national, regional and local centers from the EU27+, the UK and Ukraine, to collect and co-create new knowledge, adapting it to specific contexts, and thus promote mutual learning, training and exchange.

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