Today begins a new phase at Science For Change. We are launching a new website and a new visual identity. At SFC we leave nothing to chance, and we want to tell you why we have a new logo, identity and website.

Let’s start with the new logo. The overlapping of the shapes speaks of the collaboration between a multitude of different people, as happens in our projects. These shapes are not perfect, just like the encounters between the elements of the logo: we are not afraid of imperfection, it is what makes us who we are and gives us the value we have in society.

Inclusion is one of our 6 values and therefore also drives our design decisions. For example, the reason we always use the logo in a solid colour is because we want it to always be accessible to everyone, such as people with colour blindness.

The logo also shows full and empty spaces, which speaks of open science and creative thinking, and also gives a sense of depth, of how we go deep into the issues we work on, and how we engage citizens at the grassroots.

For the development of the new SFC identity, we did a first co-creation exercise of different important aspects of the new brand. One of the co-created elements of our new identity is the tag line: COLLECTIVE MATTERS.

We started from the concepts of our values, and from there, we came up with some very interesting ideas, all of them focused on the mission that gave birth to this company. The final tag line is a play on the two meanings of the expression: “Collective Matters” and “Collective Matters”. Both show SFC’s primary intention to collect and unify issues and solutions to have a positive impact on society.

At Science For Change we address social, environmental and health challenges through citizen science, participatory strategies and co-creation. We are a knowledge-based social enterprise that promotes collaborative research, evidence-informed public policy and quality science communication.

The new website keeps the essence of the previous one, where you can consult our projects, find out more about us and also a lot of interesting resources and publications, which we want to share openly.

But it incorporates a new section… our services. Because we want to put the results of our projects into practice!

The knowledge acquired and validated in our research projects is transformed into services applicable to different fields of knowledge. We offer services of co-creation, citizen and collaborative science to contribute to the resolution of challenges, promoting quality science communication, and connection between science and politics, to maximize a positive impact on society. We focus on 6 main areas of action:

  • Co-creation strategies"
  • Citizen science"
  • Science communication"
  • Science for policy"
  • Art and science experiences"
  • Consultancy, mentoring and tailor-made trainings"

Start your way to social innovation with Science For Change!

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